Sanitek waste management company employees of Yerevan stage protest

The Sanitek waste management company employees of Yerevan on Wednesday staged a protest outside the company’s office in Armenia’s capital city. They demand their unpaid salaries.

Sona Aghekyan, founder of the “Alternative [Yerevan] Municipality” initiative and former member of the Yerevan Council of Elders, joined this demonstration.

Aghekyan argued that although the garbage bins are now being emptied, no sanitary cleaning is taking place in Yerevan.

The protesting Sanitek employees say they have worked under very poor conditions, and now they want the remuneration for their work.

Subsequently, the protesters marched toward the Yerevan city hall.

During the previous demonstration, a Yerevan Municipality representative submitted to these Sanitek workers a document stating that the city hall had paid more than 140 million drams to this company for August. Sanitek, however, told these employees that the municipality had not transferred this money, and therefore the company cannot pay their salaries.

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